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Designing Office Washrooms & Toilets

Designing an office washroom may involve a little more planning than you had imagined and can sometimes have a big impact on your business. There’s plenty of reasons to get it right.

Fit for Purpose

It’s important to remember that an office washroom is a public space. The facilities need to be safe, hygienic, and suitable for the staff who will be using them.

It is also important to ensure you include the appropriate number of toilets, washbasins, and urinals to adequately cater to the number of both male and female employees who will be using them. However, if the toilets are designed for mixed or single-sex use, the exact ratio of users to facilities will be slightly different.

First-rate Facilities

Instead of basic facilities such as hot and cold water, soap, and sufficient paper towels or hand dryers, there must be a suitable means for the disposal of sanitary products in the female facilities.

Attractive Environment

An attractive environment tends to have a positive effect on staff engagement and a pleasant experience for them. Employees feel more comfortable and valued when facilities and the working environment are clean and stylish, which in turn can lead to improved staff productivity.

An attractive washroom not only could strengthen the staff morale but also creates a good impression on customers, clients, and potential employees. Colour choice is a key factor and can make a world of difference to the environment.

Fashionable and Functional

Most commercial buildings provide functional washrooms, incorporating stark colors that create a clinical atmosphere. However, function and fashion do not need to be mutually exclusive.

Good use of color can create the illusion of a brighter interior for spaces with limited natural light. Placed wall mirrors or large mirror units strategically can also help to make a small space seems larger and brighter.

Duct paneling and vanity units do more than just conceal pipework, they add the perfect, professional finish to any washroom. Concealed panel fixings also allow for easy access to pipework, making maintenance more straightforward. Should damage or a major plumbing problem arise, it’s essential to be able to service the washroom easily, fix the problem, and get the washroom up and running again.

Similarly, toilet hygiene and the cleanliness of washroom facilities is an important issue, particularly in the prevention of the spread of infections. Highly used areas need to incorporate functional designs to ensure the washroom is easy and efficient to maintain and keep clean


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