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Toilet Partition Trends By Industry

Any type of business that has a multi-stall restroom uses partitions includes restaurants, stores, schools, gyms, and much more. Within these businesses, restroom partitions play a vital role in providing privacy and comfort.

Even though most businesses with large restrooms use partitions, not all partition materials serve the same purpose. Here we will explore the different industries that use bathroom partitions. If you have any questions about partition design for your business, we are here ready to help.

Restaurants & Bar

If you are an owner of a restaurant, you can help create a positive dining experience for your customers by installing clean, sturdy bathroom partitions that fit your restaurant’s style and theme depending on your budget. As the restaurant bathroom could affect the overall customer experience, here are some partition ideas for different types of restaurants to help you make the right choice.

For casual restaurants, cleanliness is the most important quality to customers. In other words, easy-to-clean partitions can make a difference. But this doesn’t mean you have to choose the most expensive partition material.

Solid plastic can be a great low-maintenance choice for a busy, quick-service restaurant. There are a variety of colors that could fit your brand’s or current color scheme.

If you are on tight budgets, laminate and powder-coated steel are popular options. You won’t need to worry about the moisture too. However, if most of your customers use delivery or drive-thru services, you might consider powder-coated steel partitions and laminate partitions if you are looking for a diverse color selection.

Upscale restaurant-goers have high expectations. Therefore, you will want to make customers feel valued at all times instead of focusing on the restaurant’s food, atmosphere, and service. Thus, you are advised to choose the highest quality partition material.

Phenolic is a premium material and is an excellent choice for your restaurant especially if the restaurant is located in a humid region. The material can be used to add warmth and style, is highly durable, and is resistant to moisture.

Stainless steel also could be considered as it is a timelessly elegant choice and will give you long-lasting results. Textured stainless steel partitions, in particular, add luxury to an upscale restaurant restroom.

For a bar, your choice of the toilet partitions type depends on the customer behavior and on how busy your business is. Just like other restaurants, customers are expecting your bar and its restroom to be clean. Be reminded the consumer behavior may be more unpredictable in a bar, so it could be worth investing in higher-quality partitions that can stand up to moisture, are easy to clean, and are resistant to graffiti.

For mid-range prices, solid plastic can be an excellent choice. For more ability to stand up to years of frequent use, phenolic offers better superior quality. Depending on the style of your bar, consider sleek and elegant stainless steel partitions if you own a posh cocktail lounge. If it is a sports bar, choose the laminate partition due to the wide range of hues to match your team’s color.


Impressions of visitors, clients, and employees are important to the office building. By choosing a high-quality material for your office restroom shows you are appreciating much of your workers and guests.

To select the right material, consider who will be using your bathroom and how partitions can fit your brand. You will also want to think about sustainable options when shopping partitions because the commercial restroom design trend is not going away any time soon.

For example, stainless steel is a sustainable material for several reasons. It is extremely durable, 100% recyclable with no reduction in quality, and can be used as the same product again and again. Moreover, stainless steel partitions could increase the elegance of an office bathroom, which could also be a sustainable material that is also visually appealing.

Phenolic partitions are a sustainable option with more color choices. It is built to last a long time, which will prevent waste as a result, and is available in earthy designs to create a warm, nature-inspired atmosphere.


38% of travelers will check a hotel’s cleanliness reviews before booking a room. Thus, cleanliness is crucial to hotel guests and becomes part of a positive bathroom experience for hotel customers and employees.

To appeal to today’s travelers, choose high-quality, long-lasting materials like stainless steel or phenolic partitions. Consider laminate or powder-coated steel partitions if you want more budget-friendly options that are available in a wide range of colors. These two are affordable and have high durability.

For bathrooms located in a high-moisture part of the hotel, you will want to choose a different material that can handle various humidity levels, like stainless steel, phenolic, or solid plastic.


Churches are public areas that may need to accommodate many people different of ages at once. Therefore, the restrooms should be clean, comfortable, and accessible. Partitions with high durability, easy to clean, colorful, and that offer good privacy can help create a restroom that makes all individuals feel welcome.

Consider current color trends when choosing partitions for the church. It can give your restroom an instant upgrade. The current color trends include cheerful hues like sunny yellow or bold blues - colors that may appeal to all ages. You also may consider calming shades like sage and pale blue for adding a sense of calm.

Laminate partitions are available in vibrant colors as well as calming shades. Phenolic partitions are a premium option if you want neutral colors or interesting patterns that can hide dirt and stains well.

If your church is on a tight budget, fret no more! You can still opt for a high-quality partition at an affordable price. Powder-coated steel bathroom stalls are a perfect choice. But if your church receives many visitors, you will want to think about durability and may want to choose solid plastic partitions which are also easy to clean and available in a range of colors.


School restrooms see a high level of traffic, so they require sturdy, low maintenance partitions to save. Color also plays a role in school design as it can impact a student’s attention span and can be used to create positive and nurturing learning environments.

Phenolic partitions can outlast other materials and are resistant to graffiti, moisture, bacteria, and impact. You might bring elements of the great outdoors inside, or a light color. Solid plastic partitions might be ideal for busy school bathrooms, especially when humidity is the most concern.

You should consider the age range of the students using the restroom as well when designing too. Children from ages 5 to 8 usually prefer red, orange, yellow, and violet. For older children prefer blue, ultramarine, and orange. Most children do not prefer black, white, gray, or brown. However, if you could still choose in those, you may add child-friendly hues to the walls or artworks to attract children.

Gyms & Locker Rooms

You will need to prioritize material over solid for the gym restrooms and locker rooms as there may see a lot of moisture, especially if there is a pool or shower area nearby. Thus, solid plastic and phenolic partitions are the best choices. You might also consider wood-inspired phenolic partitions to give your gym’s restroom an eco-friendly vibe.

Public Bathrooms

Large public restrooms in transportation centers, malls, and parks are busy places. For this reason, durability, vandal resistance, accessibility, and maintenance requirements must be considered when choosing partitions. The long-lasting choices that can stand up to frequent use and are easy to keep clean are stainless steel, solid plastic, and phenolic partitions.

The restroom is another opportunity to impress customers. For a sleek, contemporary look, consider stainless steel or phenolic partitions and for easy-to-maintain, durable and colorful options, consider solid plastic partitions.


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