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Thinking of Upgrading Your Toilet? Know The Materials to Use Here.

If you are planning out a renovation or building restrooms, choosing the right toilet partition system is essential since that is a critical step in restroom design. A toilet partition system’s material can impact:

· The durability of a partition system and its warranty · A system’s ability to meet critical codes and requirements · Its resistance to graffiti and scratching · How the partition system is cleaned and maintained

..and much more. But, what materials do toilet partitions come in, and how to choose properly? The article below will go through the pros and cons of each material and where they are best used.


There are five major types of material used for toilet partitions. Each partition material has advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered, depending on the building application.

Let’s go over each one.

1) High-Pressure Laminate(HPL)

High-pressure laminate (HPL) partitions feature extensive design options. While relatively inexpensive, they can be ideal for high-end and standard applications and obtain Class-B interior wall finish classification.

This toilet partition material is made by gluing laminate to particleboard. As with the powder coat partition style, these partitions are an inch thick. The difference lies in the inner core. The industrial-strength particleboard is resistant to scratches, dents, and impacts of all kinds. These partitions are just slightly more expensive than powder coat partitions, making this another affordable option.

The following are some other advantages to HPL high-pressure laminate material. · Customizable · Fire-resistant · Graffiti-resistant · Easy to install · Several color and styleoptions · Scratch-resistant · Dent-resistant

The primary disadvantage of these partitions is that they can become damaged from excessive humidity or water. This means they are unsuitable for shower stalls and most likely can last for an average of 2 years.

2) Compact Laminate (CL)

Compact laminate or phenolic toilet primary materials are made of condensed paper and resin. Many layers of paper are first compressed and then followed by soaking with a synthetic polymer.

The phenolic material is highly resilient and can withstand virtually anything occurring in its environment. These highly durable toilet partitions come with many advantages. These are: · Long lifespan · Easy to install · Easy to clean · Corrosion-resistant · Bacteria-resistant · Wide range of color options

In addition, Compact Laminate (CL) partitions are water-resistant and can be “hosed down” for easy cleaning—they’re also denting -, scratch-, and graffiti-resistant. CL partitions are ideal for heavy traffic environments and can achieve Class A or B interior wall finish classification.

While phenolic partitions are a popular choice given all these advantages they hold, they do come with one downside. They are one of the priciest types of partitions you can buy. However, in some restrooms, they are the best choice.

3) Solid Cover Reinforced Composite (SCRC)

Solid Color Reinforced Composite (SCRC) has a homogenous color with high resistance to graffiti, scratches, dents, and water damage. SCRC partitions are ideal for high-traffic and vandal-prone environments and can achieve class-B interior wall finish classification.

SCRC offers many advantages over similar materials. For facility owners seeking superior bathroom stall material, the SCRC is an excellent choice. However, since SCRC screw retention testing performed very low, this could negatively impact the durability of the hardware mounted on the restroom partitions.

4) Painted Metal & Stainless Steel

Painted metal and stainless steel partitions are widely available at low cost, although stainless steel is typically costlier. They can qualify as Class-A interior wall finishes but may be more prone to rust, scratches, and odor absorption.

For a more elegant look, stainless-steel partitions are a great choice. Commercial and public restrooms that desire a higher-end look will enjoy the beauty of stainless-steel material. As a toilet partition material, it provides a luxurious look that fits in practically any environment.

There are many other advantages of having stainless steel toilet partitions including: · Waterproof · Many patterns and textures · Vandal-resistant · Mostly recycled content · Fireproof

There are no discernable disadvantages of stainless material when it is used in toilet partitions. However, this is one of the more expensive and heavy to install options available.

5) High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Solid plastic toilet partitions are made using high-density polyethylene, also known as HDPE. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) partitions are characterized by their homogenous color, which allows for gouges and scratches to simply be sanded out— however, graffiti tends to “ghost” into these materials. With HDPE partitions, obtaining NFPA 286 test documentation is critical.

There are several advantages of HDPE material over others. With the solid plastic being one inch in thickness, these panels provide exceptional durability, although they will cost extra. No matter what they are exposed to, solid plastic partitions will hold up well.

Here are the advantages of using toilet partitions made out of solid plastic HDPE material.

· Exceptional durability

· Solid core devoid of airpockets

· Low-maintenance

· Graffiti-resistant

· Partially recycled content

· Rust-proof

The one disadvantage of solid plastic partitions is the cost. Given they are made using high-quality plastic, they do cost more than the HPL and SCRC.

In conclusion, this information equips you with how to choose the right toilet partition material. Being informed about the various kinds of toilet partitions will help you acquire the appropriate material.


There are several excellent options when it comes to toilet partitions. Whether you have a budget and want resilient partitions or wish to show off a more luxurious look without being concerned about the price, there is something for you. When you need reliable toilet partitions that provide privacy while standing up to a restroom environment, choose one of these five partitions. We provide quality toilet partitions with satisfaction guaranteed. Our partitions come as a complete package, including a lockset, doorknob, and all the necessary hardware to make your life easier.

The entire team at is here to help you and make sure that your order is correct and delivered on time. Whether you have one bathroom or 500, we’ll make sure you receive the highest in customer care and satisfaction. Call us today at 03- 33623813 or email us your inquiry to

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