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Top 5 Considerations For Public Cubicles

When it’s time to design public cubicles, there are a few factors to consider before you choose and acquire the materials. The considerations vary depending on the age group of users and a professional supplier. D’Cubicle will be able to advise you on the guidelines to be followed. Here we will discuss some of the requirements for public washrooms.

1- Safety

Safety is the fundamental need for public toilet cubicles as the facility must be scientific and safe to protect the public from injury. The first and most critical decision to make must be the choice of cubicle materials.

The chosen material of a toilet partition system can impact the durability and its warranty. Besides, graffiti resistance is also important. Each partition material has unique advantages and disadvantages, depending on the building application. Before specifying a partition material, review not only these considerations but also our post about the difference of toilet cubicle materials for better considerations over each of the materials.

2- Durability

It is not good for public restrooms to be in the process of construction frequently because there are always many potential dangers for the public and could disturb the activities. That’s why using the right and durable materials becomes important. Few factors can contribute to early wear such as moisture and humidity instead of the doors being slammed shut periodically. Using highly durable materials can help you combat the elements and the hits that partitions can take. Choosing a suitable material can fix all these problems.

3- Space & Privacy

Providing enough space and not overcrowding is equally as important to ensure that there are enough washroom facilities for the number of public. Adequate washroom space for the public is important not just for safety, but comfort. Public toilet cubicles serve a very simple but important purpose: privacy. Each cubicle is to provide a safe and confidential experience for each individual.

There are a few ways that you can make the experience of going to the bathroom a little more comfortable for the occupants. Installing new partitions that offer more security and privacy, customized options to reduce any exposed areas or sightlines is the best way. You will also want to consider using strong and durable materials to ensure that these new partitions will last. D’Cubicle’s durable cubicle materials are ideal and suitable for heavy traffic and being both completely water and vandal-resistant. By ensuring that the cubicle doors all have locking locks that are easy for all ages to use, their privacy should be protected.

4- Styles

The colors, design, and size of the cubicles you require is depending on the age group you are looking for to provide the washroom facilities. For example, in a nursery age and even teenage children, there are fun, bright, colors and patterns to make the toilet less scary and a friendly environment. D’Cubicle have a wide range color of compact laminate for choice depending on the age group, including solid color, wood grain, and metal, or other special patterns that you may be interested in making the public toilet cubicle look more wonderful and bright.

5- Cleaning

Choosing the easy-to-clean public toilet cubicle appears to be important because there always be a group of irresponsible public that tends to write and draw some graffiti behind the bathroom stall door. To maintain and keep an eye on the condition of the toilets, management should have a monitoring process in place by hiring cleaners. Regular maintenance checks will ensure that washroom facilities are kept in the best possible condition that could last.

In Summary

Dcubicle can supply you with excellent public cubicles with a complete package, including a lockset, doorknob, and all the necessary hardware to make your life easier. Whether you have a budget and want resilient partitions or wish to show off a more luxurious look without being concerned about the price, there is something for you. We provide quality toilet partitions with satisfaction guaranteed.

The entire team at is here to help you and make sure that your order is correct and delivered on time. We can ensure you provide a restroom environment that is safe, durable, and user-friendly. We’ll also make sure you receive the highest in customer care and satisfaction. Call us today at 03-33623813 or email us your inquiry at


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